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Hospital Setup

A common Gateway for setting up your hospital, once you have setup your hospital, there is no need to create master data again in each module. Provides you one point setup Facility.

Patient Registration/ OPD Billing/ IPD Billing

One Point ‘Registration and billing’ for both IPD well as OPD which will provides ease of operating for billing person in peek hours. Easy to switch between IPD and OPD as well as between Date.

Front Office
One Point Inquiry and Appointment facility for both IPD well as OPD which will provides Information about Patients, Services, Rates Etc. It also Provide facility to take prior appointment of Consultant (Doctors).
Ward Management
Admission, Ward transfer, bed transfer etc can manage through this module. It provides with reports on ward’s physical and monetary status etc.
Operation Management
Managing Operation through out the hospital is one of the tedious jobs for itself. This module provides you to schedule patient’s operation using artificial intelligence by keeping track of available theatre. Changing time as well as theatre for already scheduled operation can be possible. Provide you with alerts before operations, as per settings. Calculation of honorarium of surgeon and other team made easy.
Nursing Depot
Day to day progress records of admitted patient, various charts feeding can be made easy using this module.
Financial Accounting
The Heart of any business is Accounts. Managing accounts using this module is effortless. It provides facility of fetching data from other modules and make automated posting as per rules set by you. Hence no need of manual entry required for service related accounts. It also provides other accounting features similar to other FA applications.
Pharmacy Management
This Module can be incorporate with other module or you can have separate Pharmacy settings. It provides purchase as well sales facility, keeping day to day stock. Stock adjustment, automatic checks of products as per location, Alerts about indents, Stock level is provide with this module.
Inventory Management
It manages indents through out the hospital. It also manage Main store’s Inventory as well as location wise inventory. Automated check on stock level, indent is also possible.
Ambulance Management
This module provides facility to manage your own ambulances as well as Agency’s Ambulances.
A complete lab management is providing by this module. It keeps the track of job allocation to technician as well as patient results.
Sonography, X-ray and CT scan is providing by this module. Creation of Patient’s report can be made easy using selection based observations
Employee’s salary, shift calculations, wages and over time calculation is manageable through this module.
Mediclaim Management
TPA related documentation, Medi-claim related records can be done through this module. Keep track of payment receivable from companies.
Human Resource Management
With this module, Creation of organization structure, Managing leaves records, shift records, attendance etc can be managed

Periodic Analysis of income based on, departments, division, services, various types of Doctors, various types of patients and various types of insurance companies provided through a robust MIS module.

Periodic Comparison between above said categories is also provided through this module.

System Security & Access Right Control
3 level security & access is provided with this module. Access given for module, menu and Activities, to a person is easily managed through this module. It keeps track of work status of users as well as machine status. Provides accessibility through any machine based on his access level.
Other Features
Disconnected Architecture Application
Customizable application based on requirement. *
Easily switching of databases, database independent package
Package creations
Server Date independent
N-tiers Architecture COM Based solution.
Advance Features (As per requirement)
Barcode System for pharmacy, Inventory management
SWAP card system for payroll.
Smart card system for Patient Records
Digital X-ray and Sonograpy system integration
Email, Conference and file transfer facility
SMS Facility

Telephone communication facility

Income & Expense

Flow model


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